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Name Age Membership Type Gym Member Number
Img 20200208 140239 141 Ernesto Aguirre jr 7 Youth Double Dose Muay Thai (DDMT-USA) SUPVRNW9
2018.05.18 ian fight badge picture Ian Joins 18 Youth The Academy (Acad) 6JIMEI2M
Black panther6 Albulena Celaj 16 Youth Siam Fight Productions (SiamFP) ZVHUQNO6
Griff muay thai profile Griffen Lay 16 Youth n/a LZR1WFOR
57486479 813631908970608 7812995082830741504 n Chance Tyson 12 Youth RS MMA and Fitness (RS-MMA) YYE9TUMD
Damian pic Damian Springer 15 Youth n/a E1ZKRUGR
Darryl marin Darryl Marin 40 Adult USA Muaythai (USMF), Muaythai Canada (MTCAN) J5UQ6RJP
20190419 232747 Adam Johnson II 17 Youth KruFit (KruFit) QBTUCBLS
Img 5935 (1) Aiden Fagundes 13 Youth VALOR Training Center (vtc) BLXZFBGO
Missing Tyler Powell 31 Adult VALOR Training Center (vtc) 2MGNWWWS
1aaf3bdb 47e7 44a0 8359 4a7b5ce85619 Caleb Kelly 12 Youth Siam Fight Productions (SiamFP) 7KFCDXMQ
Bf98df85 644a 469a 87e1 49ce3ca8f8dc Legend Xayprasith Phamuong 7 Youth Ohana Warrior Muay Thai Martial Arts Gym (OhanaMTMA) A0NQWSTK
Jacob ortega gmt Jacob Ortega 50 Adult Legion Muay Thai (LGNMT), Garcia Muay Thai Gym (GMT) YK98JOBR
Ec5129e2 48b2 4091 bb53 f0bee365d497 Zachary Zelinsky 11 Youth Siam Fight Productions (SiamFP) UD7LBBBV
Img 0378 Matthew boylan Boylan 18 Youth Siam Fight Productions (SiamFP) U24X96QH
94575358 892f 486e 9ab8 eb602a47abd3 Hutch Jeanise 11 Youth n/a IVZRLSCA
Thumbnail img 2592 Grace Richard 14 Youth Siam Fight Productions (SiamFP), Muaythai Canada (MTCAN) XZKEVVNH
84f73434 799f 411d 9e13 1940983d59c0 Adrian Ross 33 Adult Siam Fight Productions (SiamFP) GUKLXP2F
Ciarra Ciarra McDonald 17 Youth USA Muaythai (USMF), Siam Fight Productions (SiamFP) COZTWVWK
Jbmd2 Jared B McDaniel 22 Adult Siam Fight Productions (SiamFP) FX4NPNSK
Fa6e045d 624f 43b0 bdb2 8202d3b9b242 Isaac Rosas 32 Adult USA Muaythai (USMF) 5TCNVCP3
Image Joaquin Dueñas 16 Youth VALOR Training Center (vtc) CKMQFIFE
2019 usmf athlete hs   zelinsky neil Neil Zelinsky 12 Youth Siam Fight Productions (SiamFP) CBSDHWJM
Ec039885 9605 4687 9918 5920a32cc023 Izaiah Villalobos 9 Youth VALOR Training Center (vtc) ATARIJXR
Img e3583 Tai Beauchamp 18 Youth VALOR Training Center (vtc) SZUCFZNY
Image Jeff Jaquez Jimenez 27 Adult Siam Fight Productions (SiamFP) UPFRHK67
34815591 1810411752330282 1880722065309302784 o Aaron Ortiz 22 Adult Siam Fight Productions (SiamFP) V5I5SUYT
Photo 1 (1) Blake Greenwell 11 Youth VALOR Training Center (vtc) TFPWOAGW
A11b0584 b583 4ee8 8fa4 1498d62de763 2 Jefferson Palma 22 Adult USA Muaythai (USMF), Siam Fight Productions (SiamFP) 2U6XBAQW
Img 20191202 194108927 Lissette Aquino 9 Youth Chicago Thai Boxing Academy (CTBA) 4QGSFBRY
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