The 2019 USMF USA Muaythai Presidential Awards

Created by Dustin Bolinger

2019 USMF USA Muaythai Presidential Awards

By Michael Chase Corley

United States Muaythai Federation - President

Confederacion Panamericana de Muaythai - Vice President

International Federation of Muaythai Associations - Executive Board

Outstanding Youth Athlete Award:

  • Tierra Brandt - Gold Medal YWC
  • Nicole Fernandez - Gold Medal YWC, IFMA Outstanding Athlete

Both Athletes did not lose a round in the Youth World Championships and dominated every bout.


Outstanding Adult Athlete Award:

  • Coral Carnicella - Silver Medal IFMA WC, Gold South American Open
  • Ashley Thiner - Gold Medal World Martial Arts Masterships
  • Angela Whitley - Silver Medal IFMA WC, one of the highest USMF medal earners of all time.

Breakthrough Athlete Award:

  • Yasmeen Salhani
  • Franny Deleon
  • Ahmad Ibrahim
  • Selina Flores 
  • Kennedy Reilly-Maze
  • Nathon Gaston

Ambassador Award:

  • Janet Todd -  Represents and inspires on the World Stage and embodies the USA Muaythai Spirt. Janet is one of USMF’s most decorated athletes.

Pioneer Award:

  • Siam Fight Productions: Brandon Jones, Thaigo Azeredo, Ryon Gerard,
  • United States Muay Thai Open

USMTO was the first promotion to fully adopt the Rsportz software that contributes athletes registration back to IFMA and to the National Federation USMF. Through their tournaments USMTO has contributed over $20,000 to the USMF! 

When IFMA reached out to USMF to be a test country for the new Rsportz international cloud software for athletes, coaches, and officials, the team at Siam Fight Productions volunteered countless hours to testing and implementing the software that is now used in all IFMA events. 

Innovation Award:

  • Patrick Rivera - Youth Development League

The often imitated, but never duplicated YDL has spread across the USA and now gaining interest across the world. These meets give youth athletes the opportunity to compete in a safe atmosphere, while instilling the rules and scoring of International Muaythai . In the 2019 Youth World Championships an athlete Won a Gold Medal just on YDL Experience alone. The YDL has contributed to the growth in USMF Youth Memberships considerably, which also help fundraise USMF and IFMA.

Promotion of the Year:

Muay Thai Super Series - Charlie Cattone 

The first show fully sanctioned by the USMF. This show allows for some of the best Referee and Judging in the USA.

Leadership Award:

Pam & Pete Peterson

TBA Muay Thai World Expo is the largest tournament in North America. While the numbers keep piling up, the tournament still remains very well organized from the check ins, bout calling, and time efficiency. In the 2019 World Expo, the TBA-SA supported both the USA and Canada’s IFMA Federations through athlete registration.

Des Brandt
Des has been a huge part of management of USMF teams. Des Has helped athletes manage weight, worked on logistics and various task as the USMF Team Manager. Her work with both youth and adult teams have been so valuable to the USMF

One World, One Muay Thai - IFMA Award:

  • Rami Ibrahim 
  • Ricardo Perez

From IFMA:

"For some Muaythai athletes, the competition could truly be a model of unity across countries as coaches and athletes from different teams collaborated together for sporting excellence. It was a highlight of the finals as two coaches from the United States Ricardo Perez and Rami Ibrahim team showed that sportsmanship can be inherent not only to athletes as they cornered Taylor McClatchie (CAN) in her bout against Nili Block and Rhyse Saliba (AUS) against Itai Gayer (ISR). 

It was a moment of pride for Muaythai when teams often staying in the rivaling camps can give support and offer their experience to let the athletes show their best in the field of play.

Ricardo and Rami are truly bright examples of the Muaythai philosophy and its values, and a big thank you should go to the team USA for having these coaches in its federations."

Making a Difference Award:

Sport is Your Gang

  • Marcy Maxwell
  • David Huerta - Los Angeles Muay Thai
  • Steve Milles - 5 Points Muay Thai
  • Sandy Torres - 5 Points Muay Thai

 Was developed by the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur to provide an outlet for at risk kids with Muay Thai. The USA branch is led by USMF VP Marcy Maxwell and has locations in Los Angeles (David Huerta, Los Angeles Muay Thai) and New York (Steve Milles)

Special Needs Muay Thai Program:  
Thiago Azeredo - Sitan Gym Arizona

Muay Thai class created by Thiago Azeredo to give special needs kids a softer introduction into the sport and gain confidence to eventually transition into other group classes. 

Outstanding Official:

Joshua Ferraro -  VP of USMF Judge & Officiating help lead an educational movement unlike any sanctioning body in the USA over the last 2 years. Ferraro traveled to YDL’s, National Tournaments, and Gyms across the country teaching International Muaythai Refereeing and Judging. These courses registered over 250 officials and have fundraised for USMF and IFMA.  

Creative Excellence Award:

Jeff Dojillo - A man that can wear many hats.  Jeff created ID cards and Team Shirts for USA Teams that are now imitated across the world. His photography caught the eye of IFMA and they requested that he shoots for them at all the events he is in attendance for. Jeff is also responsible for USMF Social Media pages as well. 

Top Podcast Award:

The Striking Corner: Vinny Scotto and Eric Rivera

In 2019 The Striking Corner hosted a “Who’s Who” of USA Muaythai and really pushed for the advancement of the sport. The team hosted top officials, athletes, coaches, and promoters and really dug deep into how USA can grow the sport.

Honor Award:

  • Brandon Jones - The General Secretary of USMF was in integral part in sending the USMF packet to the USOC in late 2018, and has been on the forefront of getting USMF recognition throughout 2019.   
  • Reza Moazezi - Reza has helped fundraise for several USA Athletes and through his networks has been able to find donors to assist the USA Teams as well. 
  • Pete Peterson - USMF Class A Official logged more international hours as an official than any other American. Peterson also completed the WMC Officials course in Thailand this year. 
  • Geoff Quares - From the inception of his promotion reached out about how he could help USMF. His show Triumphant Promotions have hosted Prestige Bouts to narrow down USA Team Athletes and have made multiple donations to USA Teams

Outstanding Medical Team
Cool Hearts Performance: Jason Park and Omar Kennedy have been a crucial part to our athletes' success. They have not only helped with USMF athletes, they have assisted in helping other athletes from round the world. 

Outstanding Photographer of the Year
Pari Aryafar - Pari has donated a lot of her own time and money traveling to shoot international and local events that the USMF has been apart of. She has been a valuable asset to the USMF Media Team assisting the Chief Band Officer. Pari works hard at providing coverage and documenting special moments for the athletes and Federation. 

Thank you to these promotions for hosting USMF Prestige Bouts

  • Prestige Bout Contributors:
  • Triumphant Combat Sports
  • Friday Night Fights 
  • Warriors Cup 
  • Muaythai Super Series

Thank you to our top sponsors:

  • Puu Muay Thai
  • Impact Mouth Guards
  • Casey Equipment
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