Muaythai Education on the Rise in the United States Through Virtual Classes



The USMF believes that education is an important role in the Federation's foundation. When members become educated in the sport, the quality of athletes improve.  The understanding of Muaythai fundamentals, techniques, and scoring help our members advance. This advancement results in better gyms, officials, and athletes. To help educate the community the USMF has created a virtual education class or " E-Class Course." Individuals who register for course take part in a 3 day class that covers the history of Muaythai, rules, ring procedure and much more. 

President of Judge & Referee Commission, and Executive Board Member, Stephen Strotmeyer, brings up a major point about Muaythai scoring. 

"Muaythai scoring is arguably the most complex in global combat sports. There are significant differences when evaluating the winner of a fight, that potentially perplexes fans, fighters and coaches who have not been formally educated in Muaythai's unique judging criteria. Whether you are a fighter, coach, or aspire to become an official, a crucial first step is to acquire a basic understanding of scoring."

This education in scoring is important for those that want advance their Muaythai careers on the world stage. Having a great understanding of International Federation Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) standards, provides athletes and coaches an upper hand when competing for gold medals around the world. 

Strotmeyer states,  "The USMF E-class is an educational endeavor aligned with the International Federation Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) standards in order to develop order to promote and expand the US Muaythai community's knowledge on the intricacies of IFMA scoring and rules. We delve into the those multi-layered attributes and how judges evaluation those when determining the fight's winner." 

The USMF has 250 registered officials. Last month the USMF had 35 officials test for C Class  which is an eligibility to conduct official duty at USMF events.  Vice President of Judge & Referee Commission,  Joshua Ferraro states,

"The Education E-Class course is our introduction to Muaythai. This course was designed by Senior Officials with thousands of bouts experience. Coaches and Athletes that have taken USMF courses will attest that we provide clearer understanding of strategy, rules and expectations."

The E-Course is created for fans, athletes, coaches, officials, and enthusiast that want to further their knowledge of Muaythai. The USMF has created a dedicated path to follow if you are interested in becoming certified USMF official . Ferraro encourages those interested to participate. 

"USMF provides a clear and fair path to all who qualify to move through the ranks of technical officials through hard work and adequate performances. USMF Judge and Referee Commission is a family that provides support to grow whatever path you choose in Muaythai." 

The USMF encourages all interested individuals to register while while there are seats available.  The next E-Class Course is July 12 - 26. 
 - USMF 

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