Rebekah Irwin, Tierra Brandt, & Lei Saludares Represent the United States in Chang Mai

USA v Thailand II Jan 24, 2018 Chiangmai Night Bazaar

3 IFMA Junior Medalist Lei Saludares, Rebekah Irwin, and Tierra Brandt of USMF will be taking on Team Thailand in FULL Muay Thai rules! 2 x IFMA Junior Gold Medalists, Rebekah Irwin, will headline the card against Nonbiw for a WMC - World Muaythai Council Title! Rebekah had a stellar 2017 and is looking to keep the pace in 2018.

Match Ups Rebekah Irwin v Nogbiew T.TeapSuTin (Current WPMF Champion) - WMC Title 53 kg Tierra T-Money Brandt vs Rambongsaw Pethtonpheung - 56 kg Lei Saludares vs TangKwa Pethtonpheung - 34 kg

Please show your love and support for these young athletes as they face off against some of Thailand's best in Chang Mai!