Tips on How to Support Your Gym During a Pandemic

Written by Tavia Roman
Artwork by Dustin Bolinger 

As the world continues to monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation we are all concerned about whether or not our gyms will stay open and if we can continue to train. Most fights, and tournaments have been postponed or cancelled, and in certain cities and states places like Muaythai gyms have been required to close. Nevertheless, if your gym has closed temporarily or is operating under restricted hours and class sizes here are some ways you can still support them through this coronavirus pandemic:

Stay home if you’re not feeling well!

– This cannot be stressed enough! Even if you are not showing symptoms of the coronavirus if you feel any less than 100% you need to stay home! If your gym is still operating and trying to remain open for you, do them a favor and don’t come in to “sweat it out.”

Going to the gym with any type of illness is always risky due to the fact that when you sweat your body’s pores are open and therefore easily contaminated by germs and bacteria. If you do feel the need t sweat it out then it’s best to go for a run outside or take a hot bath instead of possibly infecting others with what you have.

Pay your monthly dues ahead of time
 – Easier said than done, of course. But if your financially able it would help to make sure your gym dues are paid on time or ahead of time. Once operations can return back to normal gym owners won’t be behind on bills and they have income coming in as well to support their families during this pandemic.

If you cannot afford to pay your gym dues at this point it is best to notify your gym and ask to place your account on hold. This will ensure that the gym does not have too many overdue memberships in their system. Once you can afford to reactivate your account notify your gym and you can resume training as usual without having missed payments or put the gyms monthly dues in the negatives.

Remember the gym is your escape and sanctuary, but for the owners and trainers it’s their livelihood!

Purchase retail
– If you can’t afford to pay your dues ahead of time or you need to put your account on hold. Purchasing gym retail is a great way to support your Muaythai gym!

 Not only is it brand recognition but retail is another way business’s collect income. Maybe you need some new ankle guards or Thai shorts. Now is the perfect time to refresh your athletic wardrobe! Purchase those gloves you’ve been wanting or send your family member or friend that T-shirt they’ve been eyeing. Anything from hand wraps to tank tops to fight gear. All of that income will help keep your gym’s head above water during these trying times.

Side note: Once purchased, post about it on social media and tag your gym, friends and family members and have them share it as well. These posts can go a long way for a small business.

Coordinate small group sessions 
– Since most Muaythai gyms operate during class hours (unlike other gyms that are open 24-7). It would help if classes could be kept to 10 people or less. We know that the coronavirus does not spread through sweat or heavy breathing. It spreads through respiratory droplets from coughs or sneezes. Try and coordinate a group chat with other members and coaches to plan the best time for everyone to be able to get a session in.

Private sessions
 - If your gym is temporarily closed ask about private lessons. Many trainers offer this normally and profit more from a private than a class at times.  Even if they are not offering privates at the moment, purchase now for later use - similar to a gift card. Keep it in your wallet for a rainy day when you need those extra workouts or technique sessions.

Practice good personal hygiene
 – Muaythai gyms sanitize regularly and often. It’s not the mats or bags most gym owners are concerned with, but rather who is coming in with unwashed hands or not wiping down their personal equipment after use.

After each class you should be doing a light cleaning of your equipment. Which is using sanitary spray (Lysol) or wipes to clean the inside and outside of all your gear. However, in dealing with the coronavirus, now is a good time to give your gear a deep clean:

Take your gloves, head gear, shin guards, elbow pads and knee pads and put them in the washing machine on the delicate or light cycle. Making sure you use laundry detergent and hot water to disinfect. For men, soak your athletic cup in hot water and add antibacterial hand soap or laundry detergent. Let sit until water cools and then wipe clean with a fresh towel or sponge.

Light cleanings should happen after each use, but save the deep cleanings for every few months as it does wear on the gear. Make sure you are washing your hand wraps weekly and laying them out to dry to avoid tears.  Always keep wipes or Lysol in your gym bag or locker and wash your hands regularly.

We love our gyms and we love our trainers. They are more than just a business to us they are family. Let’s take care of one another. Together we are strong.


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